Primary Department

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Primary Head Welcome Address

First star Academy is one of the best basic schools in the country that provides quality basic education for its students. This lays a strong foundation for the secondary, tertiary and other higher education. The school management is made up of God fearing, affable, disciplined and caring individuals embedded with vision. Our primary is well staffed with experienced and qualified teachers who are disciplined and dedicated to their duty. There is also, a very good as well as congenial relationship existing among the staff in the primary department. .

The Primary department teaches a number of subjects that include. Mathematics, English, Science, Religious and Moral Studies, French, Twi, Citizenship Education, Art, Needle work and ICT. There are also club activities for the students in the primary department to get their very active brains engaged The school has adequate facilities that facilitate teaching and learning process. You are welcome to join first Star Family.